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Advanced Cell Phone Tracker for Modern Parents

Modern devices come into our lives with unique functions and features. But our kids are more obsessed with having powerful devices connected to the internet. But it’s a nightmare for parents who develop the need to check their activities regularly to prevent them from online dangers. Previously, the cell phone was used for communication; now, it’s a source of sharing, entertainment, and more. So, it’s alarming to give such kinds of devices without properly checking their activities.  

Today, we’ll show you how advanced cell phone tracker apps help modern parents to protect their children.

Advanced cell phone tracker app

The advanced cell phone tracker app is a need of modern times to deal with the latest issues. Using cell phone tracker app, you can check your kid’s social media, location, calls & messages, and web history and control their internet by web filter. Plus, you can manage their screen time. After getting the license, this provides you with a secure web control panel to secretly check your loved ones’ online activities without notifying them, which is an excellent monitoring experience.

What is the best cell phone tracker app?

TheOneSpy cell phone spy app is a good tracking solution for parents that allows you to monitor your kid’s cellphone activities without knowing them. This great tracking app lets you spy Android and iPhone devices with the latest versions. Install this app on your kids’ mobile phones and check what they are doing with time and date from the app’s online dashboard.

TheOneSpy cell phone tracker features

TheOneSpy provides a list of features for cell phone tracking to check all their activities without knowing them. Let’s read the entire information below.

Location tracker

With the help of this most advanced tracking software, you can check your kid’s live location without notifying them. Once you installed it, you can easily see where your kid is moving with the time schedule.


This super monitoring software provides area restriction. You can mark specific areas from their map and get a notification when they enter or leave those places.  

Location History

Now, you can get to know your kids’ previous locations with time and date. This gives you the last seven days’ location history and can check where your kids were moved during school time.


 This monitoring software makes it easy to read your kids’ messages without knowing them. You can check all their sent or received messages and read their entire conversation in secret.

Call recording

This app helps you listen to your kids’ call conversations. Once you have installed it, you can know their incoming and outgoing call and record their conversation as secret.

Screen recording

Get the best hidden screen recorder to check what they are actually doing online. This provides you an opportunity to remotely record their phone screen to check what’s happening on their device.


Take specific screenshots of your loved ones to prevent them from online danger. This helps you to grab some suspicious activities to check their activities.

Web History

This allows users to check their loved one’s internet activities without showing the app icon. This helps you to check their web activities to protect them from adult and porn websites.

Web filter

Now, you can protect your children from adult websites; you can use this feature to block some specific websites from their access.

Block apps

Suppose your child downloads unwanted and age-inappropriate apps. You can block and restrict their access to those apps. You can even remotely uninstall the app from their devices without showing the app icon.

How do you use the TheOneSpy cell phone spy app?

Before using TheOneSpy cell phone tracker app, you have to pay attention to download the app. For this, you have to follow the installation steps to accomplish this procedure easily.

Subscribe the app

First, you have to visit the official website and subscribe to the app as per your needs and demands.

Get email

Now open your Gmail and receive the credentials to use in the next step

Download the app

After that, you have to take the device to install the app physically. While installing, you have to make the app invisible mode.

Login to the web control pane

Now, use the given credentials to log in the app’s online dashboard

View your kid’s phone activities

After you are done, you are able to see your kid’s activities and take steps to protect them.


TheOneSpy is the best cell phone tracker app that provides insight into your kid’s cell phone to check all their activities without knowing them.



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