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The Lowdown on Summer Wedding Planning

Having a summer wedding can be the definition of perfection, but only if you do the correct planning and preparation, which is where we are here to help! Don’t let the stresses of the most important day of your life ruin the actual event itself. Take a deep breath, have a read of our helpful tips and advice and try and retain those feelings of anticipation and excitement from the proposal.


So initially the best thing to do is to utilize your technology and get yourself a productivity app for either your smart phone or tablet that will act as your PA and best friend all in one. If you have an iPhone then download My Wedding. You are able to add a to do list, and budgets for each aspect of the wedding as well as set reminders and send emails. This app really is a brides (or grooms) best friend and will ensure everything happens when it should, with perfect efficiency.


Alternatively, you could download Evernote, which is just as handy but not a specific wedding app. You might even begin to use a similar tool within your working life, they really do help with productivity and there is a massive sense of achievement when you get to tick things off. This tool also requires you to time block, which enables you to get lots more done, and get through tasks much more quickly. To save you meeting with the florist, hairdresser and all the other people involved with your special day why not also use video calling software like Facetime or Skype that you can do sat at your desk at work or laid on your sofa at home.


If you aren’t one for numbers, or even if you’re a maths whizz, then make a spreadsheet to keep track of costs and let that work it out for you rather than carrying scrappy bits of paper around with you. This also means you can edit it on the move via your tablet or smartphone so don’t panic that you’ll forget to add extra essential purchases, and just do it on the go.


Last minute things that are most often forgotten are gifts for the bride and grooms families as well as best men and bride maids; you’ll never hear the end of it otherwise! Jewelry and special underwear for the bride always goes down a treat so if you think the groom needs a nudge make sure you do that with plenty of time for a secret shopping trip.


You are almost certain to realize last minute that you have forgotten something minor, and in this case you may need to consider applying for a fast payday loan as there will no doubt be zero funds left in the ‘wedding money pot’. Don’t panic about it, you will most probably receive monetary gifts as wedding presents so will actually be borrowing it for a minimal amount of time.


Hopefully this advice will help your day go without a hitch, and enable you to DE-stress about the whole thing. Don’t scrimp when there is help available from reputable companies, just go and apply, what have you got to lose!


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