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CBSE Board Exams – How To Prepare For Class 12 CBSE Exams?

CBSE board is the famous education board of India which aims to provide quality education to students. CBSE board conducts exams to test the knowledge of class 12 students. Using the CBSE-recommended textbooks and study materials is very important to get good marks in the final exams. NCERT is a textbook that is completely based on the CBSE board syllabus.

NCERT textbooks are available in both offline and online modes for all classes and subjects. Textbooks are distributed to school students at the primary and secondary education levels. By having a thorough knowledge of the concepts discussed in these books, students will be able to perform well in their exams. CBSE Notes is an excellent reference tool that a student can rely on for final exam preparation.

These notes are designed by subject teachers with extensive knowledge of concepts. They use simple language to explain the topics, so students don’t miss a single chapter while learning. If students learn all the subjects well from NCERT textbooks, they will not lose a single mark in their board exams.

Tips To Score Well In CBSE Class 12 Exams

Prepare a Schedule Chart

Planning is an important step in exam preparation. Planning things well is very important for the best results in board exams. The first step to success is to create a schedule chart. So, students have to prepare a proper timetable and follow it accordingly. There is no need to study for long hours, and it is important to take short breaks in between to rest the mind.

Write Notes

Another important step in exam preparation is taking notes while studying. This will help students in two ways. The first method is that students learn all the concepts independently. Another way is to learn these topics. It will be easy to remember and remember. It will be a useful tool for students during revision which helps to save a lot of time.


As shortcuts lead students down the wrong path, students should use their prepared notes for revision. Students should revise all the example questions, diagrams, practice problems, and graphs as it is very important in the final exams. By memorizing these chapters students will get the best results in the board exam.

Analyze Weak Areas

During the revision process, it will be possible for students to analyze the concepts in which they are weak. Students can focus on these concepts based on the weightage of marks in the syllabus. By practicing questions regularly, it will be possible for students to know how to solve a particular inquiry in a crisp and clear format.

Solve Sample Papers

Regarding board exams, the CBSE board releases sample papers every year so that students can get a proper idea of ​​the exam paper. Students will know the types of frequently asked questions and complex questions that may appear in the final exams. The sample papers will also enhance the time management skills of the students, which is essential from the examination point of view.

By following these tips, students can score high marks in CBSE board exams. Nuclei class 12 notes are available online in PDF format, so students can download and refer to them for free. These notes are also available for other chapters to enable students’ logical and analytical thinking.



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