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Music Apps you need to Check out

With all the music apps on the market, you know there’s one out there for you, but it may be difficult to decide. Here’s a breakdown of some of the top music apps on the market.

iHeartRadio (Free)

The iHeartRadio app comes in handy for those who want to listen to live broadcasts of radio stations without carrying a radio around. The app streams over 1,500 live stations from across the country. This feature is beneficial to those who moved and miss a particular radio station from back home. You can create your own station based on a song or artist that you enjoy as well. This app is compatible with iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

Pandora (Free)

If you want to stick to tunes that come from a particular artist or similar sounding ones, Pandora is the app for you. Simply plug in the name of the artist you want to hear, Bruce Springsteen for example, and Pandora will play a track by “The Boss” and then songs by similar artists. It generates a station that plays music you want to hear with little hassle. The settings and features transfer from desktop to mobile as well, meaning nothing gets lost in transition. The Pandora app is available for iOS, Android, Blackberry and the Kindle Fire.

Spotify (Free/$9.99)

Spotify has millions of tracks from thousands of artists and all the major record labels available for you to listen to at a moment’s notice. You can tell your friends and family what you’re listening to via Facebook and Twitter. The desktop version of the app is free but it is $9.99 for the premium features for your Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows Phone systems.

Shazam (Free)

If you’ve ever heard a song and couldn’t place the title or artist, you’ll love Shazam. You play part of a song via your phone while using the app and it lets you know what the title and artist are. Shazam also gives you options to buy the track without searching for it and to share it with your friends over social media. Shazam recently released an update that gives you information about your favorite TV programming as well, from music in an episode to show trivia. It’s available for Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows Phone.

TuneIn (Free)

With an impressive library of nearly two million programs on-demand and 70,000 stations that you can tune in to in order to satisfy the most eclectic of tastes, TuneIn is the app for the hardcore radio listener. TuneIn has it all, from music to news and sports with everything in between. The app features an alarm clock and sleep timer, giving you the functionality to wake up or go to sleep listening to your favorite songs.  This app is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phones.

Songza (Free)

Songza incorporates a different dynamic for those of us who love listening to music: instead of focusing on an artist or song, it programs based on how you feel at a particular time. If you’re angry, you can have the music concierge compile a list of songs that fit that mood. If you’re trying to focus or get pumped up, it can piece together a list of tracks for that as well.  Now you can cultivate the playlist for what you’re doing and how you’re feeling without having to blow past tracks that don’t fit the bill. Songza is available for the iOS, Android and the Kindle Fire.


The djay app is for those people inclined to try their hand at putting together musical tracks of their own. Djay changes your smartphone into a full blown DJ system which allows you to spin tracks, mix them together, add in some effects or dubbing and turning things how you want them to be. Your entire library of songs is at your fingertips immediately as the app is able to sync with iTunes. You can even record your work and have it for podcasts or mix tapes. Depending on where you’re using the app, you will pay a different rate. For iPhone users, it’s only $0.99, but if you’re using it on your iPad or Mac OS X system, it will cost $19.99.



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